Walking Tour – #16 The Ludington Golf Club

#16 – Ludington Epworth Golf Club

If you walk all the way around the west end of the Lagoon to the last beachside cottage at Epworth, you will find yourself at Marker #16. 

In 1906 a group from Epworth and Ludington began planning a golf club. The course and original clubhouse, pictured here, were up and running by 1912.  Sadly, the clubhouse fell victim to a fire in 1919. Immediately, the smaller clubhouse seen below was built to replace it. Both housed many memorable social events. 

In 1920, Lincoln Hills Golf Club was established, with 18 holes and its own clubhouse. Meanwhile, Epworth maintained the original nine-hole course and second clubhouse. By 1941, the use of the building dropped off to the point that the Assembly decided to sell. It became a private cottage named Court House. Thus it remained until a teardown and rebuild in 2008 resulted in the summer home that stands there now. Interestingly, the land both clubhouses were built on was actually outside of Epworth. The property was not annexed onto the Assembly grounds until 1976.

If you have an opportunity to play the Epworth course, be sure to notice the Japanese-style gazebo near the 6th and 9th tees. This shaded resting spot was a part of the earliest version of the golf course and dates to about 1904. 

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