A Walk Through the History of Epworth Heights

As one wanders the grounds of Epworth Heights, it is easy to forget the generations who walked these paths for decades before us. Imagining how much things have changed over the years rarely crosses our consciousness. This booklet, compiled by the Elizabeth Truxell Epworth Museum, is an attempt to make some of that history come alive for 21st-century Epworthians.

Sixteen brass markers that have been placed on the grounds to mark locations with historic significance.  This booklet has a map that runs across the center two pages and short descriptions of the history of each area. If you have a smartphone that can read QR codes, you may scan the codes on the back cover of the book to get additional information. 

We’ll start at the northerly end of Epworth and work our way to the south boundary line. We suggest comfortable shoes, especially if you want to hike up the path beyond Ensley Lane to the site of the old observatory. A water bottle might not be a bad idea, either, especially on a hot day.

So, please join us as we step into the past for a few moments.  We think you’ll be glad you did!

  1. The Village of Lincoln
  2. Little Baldie
  3. The Ben Greet Theatre
  4. The Music Conservatory
  5. The Indian Trail, aka, Burma Road
  6. The Epworth Hotel and Beach
  7. The Pavilion
  8. The Administration Building
  9. The Plaza
  10. The Observatory
  11. The Depot
  12. The Auditorium
  13. The Dummy Train
  14. The Caddy Shack
  15. The Lagoon
  16. The Ludington Golf Club